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Sweet And Sour Watermelon Taffy By Taffy'D

Sweet and Sour Watermelon Taffy is one of four taffy flavored vape juice blends that are offered by Taffy'd E Liquid. It has loads of that sweet flavor that you remember from back when you were a kid. Save your nickels and dimes because now that this juice is around, you are going to be able to vape the flavor that you've been after instead of eating it. One of the biggest tragedies in life is the fact that all of the flavors that we love are so incredibly bad for us in the long run but obviously, that won't even have to cross your mind anymore. That's the plight of many vapers out there, the struggle to be able to find juices that accurately taste like the flavors that they are after. Many people seem to thoroughly enjoy the blends from this line though and if they are that popular with such a large crowd, we think that you should take a chance and see if it is right for you. Taffy'd E Liquid does their best to make their mark on the vaping industry by putting out blends that they have put a lot of thought as well as effort into. They have accrued a good size fan base and make juices that are able to transcend what anyone thought that a vape juice could really be. Sweet and Sour Watermelon Taffy takes that unmistakable watermelon flavor and packs it into a sweet, smooth taffy base that tastes similar to those crazy purple wrapped candies that we can all envision when we close our eyes. Do you feel your mouth start to water a little bit yet?

*This vape juice comes in two 60ml bottles*

Variant Price Quantity
120ml / 0.0% - 0mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00
120ml / 0.3% - 3mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00
120ml / 0.6% - 6mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00