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Sweet And Sour Peach Taffy By Taffy'D

This taste tantalizing blend of super sweet candy and fresh fruit flavors might just be that exact thing that you have been after with it's way of combining together different tastes to make something that is just a cut above what you ever could have ever thought that a juice like this could ever be. There is a huge grouping of vapers out there who can all agree that the juices from this line are simply the best and are very close to the candies that you used to remember picking up from the store as a kid. If you are a sweet tooth you are going to know just how crazy and intense those cravings can be, it seems like there is absolutely nothing can distract your mind and your only option is to give into their charms. Now that you have useful vape juices like these around, you can just pop the juice that you've been after into your tank and let it go. What will that juice end up being? We're not quite sure, that choice is completely up to you. A blend like this might be a good option if you are looking for something new to try that recapture a little bit of that nostalgic charm that everyone loves to feel warm their heart. Taffy'd E Liquid makes blends that are inspired by, you guessed it, taffy! Every one of their juices is packed to the very brim with flavors that are full, well rounded and as many other folks say, authentic. Sweet and Sour Peach Taffy is a combination of very smooth taffy candy base that's been infused with sweet, succulent, natural peach flavor.

*This vape juice comes in two 60ml bottles*

Variant Price Quantity
120ml / 0.0% - 0mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00
120ml / 0.3% - 3mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00
120ml / 0.6% - 6mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00