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Sweet And Sour Banana Taffy By Taffy'D

This combination of flavors really sounds odd at first but take a second to try to think back and you might just end up remembering a candy that tasted exactly like this. Sweet and Sour Banana Taffy by Taffy'd E Liquid is a blend of well thought out flavors that were measured and balanced until they achieved that certain effect that Taffy'd E Liquid was after. Coming in two 60ml bottles, there will be plenty of this juice to enjoy if you end up finding yourself becoming completely and totally obsessed with it. From the jump, you are going to notice the colorful bottle that instantly begins to drum up a playful mood with its old-school circus style design. From there on, it only gets more and more jovial in nature. It can be tough to walk around with a grumpy look on your face if you have a juice like this around that assists in encouraging that silly side to come out just a little bit more. Taffy'd E Liquid by Etx Distribution is a line that is completely and totally dedicated to making taffy inspired flavors that can make vapers of all experience levels surprised by how creative that they are. They have built up a reputation for making confectionary classics that tap into our memories and allow us to feel like we are back in the good old days once again. Sweet and Sour Banana has a base of sticky, gooey taffy that is given a touch of sourness that is balanced out by the sweet, tropical banana taste that is different from many other juices out there.

*This vape juice comes in two 60ml bottles*

Variant Price Quantity
120ml / 0.0% - 0mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00
120ml / 0.3% - 3mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00
120ml / 0.6% - 6mg / 75VG/25PG $10.00