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Pod King is the absolute best for vaping when it comes to both quality and value for what you buy. You will notice other online stores sell their products at a much higher rate than we do. That is because typical retail stores tend to have large overhead costs. Prices rise as a result. As for us, we make sure overhead costs are kept to a minimum, and that allows us to adequately satisfy our customers’ need for accessibility and affordability.

The Pod King brand carries both disposable vape devices, as well as, compatible pods. The disposable vape devices are non-rechargeable, draw-activated devices that come in 15 flavors. They contain 1.3ml of salt nicotine vape juice, have a nicotine strength of 5% and produce about 500 puffs per device.

The compatible pods, on the other hand, come in packages that hold four individuals per pack and vary in flavor. Sonic Pods, for example, can taste like Strawberry Milkshake or Vanilla Ice Cream. And Cool Pods come in both Lychee and Lemon Ice! Each pack contains a strength level varying between five and six percent, depending on the brand. Each pod sold is pre-filled and disposable whenever the user runs out of Salt based Nicotine e-liquid.

Pod King also carries devices like USB Jusetech charging dock stations. Any of the Pod King Compatible Pods work seamlessly with the Juul devices. Additionally, the disposable vape devices offered by this brand are easy to use, and of course, easy to dispose of. You really cannot go wrong in browsing our collection of some of the best alternative vaping collections on the market!

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