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Blueberry By The Pound -A dense, rich flavor of pound cake smothered in blueberry goodness and drenched in creamy, luscious milk. We were all there. At some point in our lives, we were all invited to a brunch and when you attend, there is always that particular item for grabs that you can't stop eating. Pound cake. Cheesecake. You begin by collecting a slice with a few fruits. It's the first thing you clean your plate and you go back for a second slice before you know it. Then there's a third. A fourth, then. Until you realize that you hogged the whole pound cake! Nobody can blame you for this. Pound cake is hard to withstand, and blueberry pound cake is not an opportunity when it comes face to face with you. That's why e liquid created a range of e - juice to satisfy your pound cake cravings. You take a burst of this fresh classic blueberry flavor and mix it with the delicious vanilla pound cake mixture. When you take a hit off this juice, you will be hit with a blow of succulent blueberries. Blueberry Pound Cake is smooth and will fill your mouth with the same delicious berry flavor combined with the freshly baked aroma of vanilla pound cake. So stop worrying about eating all the pound cake at your next brunch event or take a trip to the grocery store to buy your own loaf! Blueberry from By the Pound was added to the Liquid collection by the Pound E. If you already enjoy the sweet flavors of Choco, Peaches and Cream, Lemon Berry and Milk, add this to your pound cake assortment and continue your search for this favorite brunch item. Drip your Blueberry Pound Cake today in your tank!

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